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Atlanta-based kaiju obsessive, set dresser by day, would-be special effects filmmaker by... other day.

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  • Batman Returns

    Batman Returns


    Delightfully weird. Feels a touch overlong at times but gosh if it doesn't just ooze style. One misses when cinematic Gothams had a sense of identity beyond whichever major American city principle photography was completed in.

  • Monster SeaFood Wars

    Monster SeaFood Wars


    It's a Minoru Kawasaki movie, isn't it? Monster Seafood Wars is a profoundly stupid movie with a fun hook that moves at a glacial pace and contains some pretty lackluster tokusatsu work, same as every other Kawasaki movie I've seen and not significantly better than any of them. But I guess now that I've seen three of these, I'm finally *getting* Kawasaki as a director - after all, the trailer for Monster Seafood Wars boldly introduces him as "The Maestro…

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  • Howl from Beyond the Fog

    Howl from Beyond the Fog


    Though its musical choices are a little unexpected in places and it's a little rough around the edges due to its minuscule production, Daisuke Sato's Howl from Beyond the Fog is a uniquely gorgeous giant monster movie and is the exact kind of handmade, thoughtful work the genre desperately needs more of. You owe it to yourself to give this a watch.

  • Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the Stars

    Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the Stars


    I think opinions on this movie are gonna vary wildly now that it's finally available translated into English (you can DM @Xenofauna on Twitter or IG if you can't find it) but my initial impression is that Akio Jissoji's Ultra Q movie may be top ten kaiju movie material for me. It is bizarre and beautiful and esoteric and a wholly unique entry in the genre. Junkichi Oki's special effects are incredible and the visual style of the film -…