Nomadland ★★★★★

chloé did the unthinkable here and compelled me from start to finish. if any other director tried to tell this story i probably would've written off as boring or pedestrian.

she painted pictures with each frame. the editing was quite phenomenal. that's what i could pick up right away, she doesn't stay too long on a moment, she knows how to pair sound to visual in cool worthwhile ways. chloé is the real deal. oh and frances was spectacular. i don't think im saying anything new compared to other people, but i really just glad we get to experience this film and i thank chloé for putting on a masterclass.

there are really interesting questions that pop up too like the whole idea of the nomadic living as an "american tradition," what does it mean to "stay," and the systems around us that bind us to settle. there's a lot here that the analysis is endless.

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