Possessor ★★★★★


Obviously this wasn’t part of today’s queue but when life serves you Cronenberg you get on with the bloodyade. 

First thing I noticed in this was - and maybe it helped that I spent today watching - oh, how do I say? Normal people movies? - that yeah when this started and the music kicked in with low heavy rumbling and slow ramping up strings I actually started feeling nauseous. Like genuinely afraid for how fucked this was going to get. 

And it’s partly that switching psyche but also partly that we’re all kind of in this mass paranoia right now that we do not have control over our bodies and we can potentially lose so much control that we will be unable to breathe without help. As this unfolded I could imagine myself linked to that machine screaming at the doctor from inside a world they can’t hear
Pull Me Out

Only of course in this experience when your body turns on you it’s to murder someone else, and you lose track of what’s real except the gore, because it’s just too fucking real not to be. 
Yeah this goes dark.

Brace yourself

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