Where Is My Friend's House? ★★★★

I never thought I'd connect emotionally to a film about notebooks and doors, but zen cinema just be like that sometimes.

Honestly, it wasn't until about half way through that it all clicked for me. I think a little less running around would've given this a little more steam, especially in the first half, but I also understand the choice to focus more on the search than the meaning [again, Zen Cinema]. Still, once ideas are explored more in conversations and interactions, the real meat of this thing comes out, and it becomes a lot more engaging, even if it's still extremely slow-paced and - I'll say it a third time for good measure - Zen.

Also holy shit Kiarostami could frame a shot.

I really need to return to this very soon while it's still fresh so that I can actually pull apart the message, which at the moment feels extremely religious, but it's all still so early for me to tell. This is the type of movie that takes a ton of effort to digest fully, but the rewards are vast, and the process will be fruitful, so I'm willing to take that step. So if I log this 3 more times in the next month or two, just look it as one extremely long review - I'm just running back and forth from Koker to Poshteh in the process.

Thanks Brian for this strong recommendation!

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