Misery ★★★★

I’m your number one fan.

Finally! This has been on my watchlist for so long and as a self proclaimed Stephen King fan (not like a “hobble you and keep you hostage type fan, don’t worry Stephen) I knew I desperately needed to watch it. And I figured it would be the perfect film to kick off my attempt at watching 31 new to me horror films again this October! 

Kathy Bates is a damn delight and her performance in this was a joy to watch. Even the scenes where I knew how things were going to play out were exciting and fun.  And I think we’ve all got those things we’d want to tie up our favorite authors and demand answers for. For example I’d tie up Stephen King and demand to know why he included that 9/11 section in Doctor Sleep. Why, Stephen, WHY?! (Ok so maybe I am that kind of fan, this is my higher calling. I asked god about it and turns out he has several questions for Stephen King as well.) 


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