Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Watched this again the other day and y’know what? Better the second time!!

Someone in my mentions was like “it made me so sad, that girl at the end got so brutalized” and like, man, I dunno what to tell you! I loved it. Yeah it’s gory and ridiculous, but the entire b-plot of the movie is a de-mythologizing of the Manson family. It takes them from “mysterious evil sex cult hippies” to “abusive idiots with god complexes” and re-imagines a world where they got what was coming to them. Plus it’s just so comically absurd it’s hard to get mad at! The whole finale is an incredible culmination of a 2+ hour slow build of personalities and plots. Uma Thurman’s daughter being the one who’s like “um actually, fuck this” is an incredible piece of stunt casting.

Wanted to add on viewing two: I love Margot Robbie in this. Like most people, I thought the movie was making me feel bad for her just to watch her get, as was said, “brutalized,” but instead she gets the future and freedom that was stolen from her by a bunch of drugged up indocrinated assholes. That’s so un-Tarantino! Honestly, aside from the gratuitous feet, the movie feels gloriously un-Tarantino. Or rather, Tarantino if he didn’t lean on slurs to get a response. I think there are only a couple in the Western scenes? And they’re pretty mild, y’know, for him.

Back to Sharon/Margot - I read that Sharon Tate’s real-life sister cried when she saw it and thought it was a beautiful tribute. And I agree! Another critique that came up was her lack of dialogue, but I think it makes sense. She died in real life, y’know? As tragically as a person can. It wouldn’t make sense to build up a personality that demeans or belittles her legacy. She’s an angel, for lack of a better term, and the movie recognizes that. She gets the happiness she deserved. It’s an unusually touching attitude for the director who gave us… *gestures vaguely*

Anyhow. It’s creeping up into my top 10 favourite movies! Tarantino’s problematic as hell, sure, but it’s a masterpiece of a movie. 10 acid-dipped cigarettes out of 10!!!