Dune ★★★★★

“A great man doesn’t seek to lead. He’s called to it. And he answers.”

I TOLD YOU! Dune was going to be one of my favorite films of 2021!

I haven’t read the book or seen the original film so I have no basis for understanding or comparison, but this movie was everything I wanted for a sci-fi flick! I was completely blown away by its stunning visuals, epic scale and immersive storytelling.

The cinematography, the directing, the acting, the costumes, the VFX, all impeccable, brilliant and astounding. 

Special mention to the score, which was out of this world! Ladies and gentlemen, Hans Zimmer did it again!

The A-list cast perfectly embodied their characters. Not to mention at the heart of it, a shipworthy pairing, Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya. Seriously, I NEED MORE SCENES OF THEM!

Denis, I’m so happy you’re back! Truly, you’re one of the best directors working right now! Please make more groundbreaking films! 

Overall, Dune was definitely a cinematic masterpiece! Left me both wholly satisfied and hungry for Part 2!! Bring it on!

PS: I have no plans to read the book, but I’m thinking to watch Dune 1984. Can someone tell me if it’s worth the watch?

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