Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★

I was going to write a short scathing comment about how I watched people drive around and act in fake generic westerns for three FUCKING hours and leave it at that, but then Tarantino turned the actual death of a pregnant woman and her friends into the ironic red herring punchline for the story he actually wanted to tell. 

Make your Leo and Brad movie and go. Don’t use a tragic story, show her being a lovely woman throughout the film as a build-up to you thinking she’s going to be brutally murdered then hit the audience with a “haha gotcha in my world Brad Pitt saved them!!” That could’ve been any cult and it wouldn’t have mattered. He literally only used Sharon Tate and the Mansons to build intrigue in his marketing campaign when really all he wanted to do was give Brad a dog and Leo a flamethrower. Fuck outta here. Was the perfect thing to piss me off even more after I watched people do literally nothing for the entire film.

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