Ready Player One ★★★½

A bit of a weird one. Certainly no one's ever seen anything like this before and it looks stunning. Some definite pros and cons - sometimes the dialogue was noticeably awful and sometimes I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some performances were pretty bad and others were genuinely joyful, namely Olivia Cooke. 

Everything develops quite fast despite being 140 minutes long. The references are a bit too dumbed down; a pop culture reference can't pop up without a character saying a variant of "hey look, it's [insert reference here!]." If someone doesn't recognise said reference, you naming it out loud isn't going to add to their appreciation of said reference. And if someone does recognise it, cool. Don't spell it out for them. And there are a fair few plot holes that grate on me a little bit, and a few too many coincidences.

However, overall I enjoyed this. I think it's just fortunate that this film fits a couple of my niches (namely trials, tournaments, and worldwide fame for something that could never exist in our world - all plot devices I love in films.) Is it a masterpiece? In some respects, sure. Just not in all of them. It's such an interesting concept that I feel would've been better executed in perhaps a limited series.

Also, Art3mis has time to be a famous walkthrough maker and be a twitch streamer? I don't think so.

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