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  • Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie


    Super excited to finally be able to catch this, as I watched Bebop last summer and truly fell in love with it, its characters, and its unique energy. Enjoyed this as well, definitely not as much as the show (as expected) but to be fair, I liked this about as much as I was expecting to. Even without watching the show, I feel like this would have been relatively easy to understand and a good and entertaining film, but after…

  • Mirai



    Second viewing; first watched December 2018. 

    Never realized this is a Hosoda joint, so since the order of my Netflix DVD queue has a mini Hosoda-marathon set up in the near-future, I thought I’d revisit Mirai — a film I somewhat liked the first time, but wasn’t wowed by at all. I think I like it a little more now with age, more clearly recognizing and appreciating the power of childhood/sibling-hood to withstand time and emotional hardship that the film explores.…

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  • Parasite



    TIFF Film #6. 

    Was worried this one was going to be overhyped but nope. Fucking fanastic. Try going in knowing as little information as possible - quite an experience. 


  • A Glitch in the Matrix

    A Glitch in the Matrix


    Sundance Film Festival, Film #10. 

    I think the idea of Simulation Theory is an interesting one, but this documentary is unfortunately anything but. Spends too much time rambling about random things that barely fulfill its subject matter instead of keeping this a tight and concise look at an alternate possibility of being. Much more boring than it needs to be, with super annoying subjects and a general structure that fails to keep interest more often than not. Way too long as well, and just disappointing.