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  • Isabella


    “Piñeiro’s continued tinkering with Shakespeare’s B-sides proves to be endlessly compelling, if only for their unconventional ingenuity, and Isabella is no different. Despite its shortcomings in its structure and pace, there are few Shakespeare adaptations that look or feel like Isabella: relaxed instead of histrionic, its action propelled forward by microaggressions instead of drawn swords, characters’ emotions portrayed with disconsolate stares instead of grand monologues, all captured through the lens of a languid camera instead of a sweeping, tremulous one. It’s esoteric and…

  • Blue Bayou

    Blue Bayou

    "With tens of thousands of children adopted from other countries and brought to America each year, one would think that citizenship was a given. By legally taking charge of a person’s child, transporting them from their home country to the United States, and raising them as one’s own, citizenship seems like an inherent, self-evident part of the process. However, up until about 20 years ago, this was not so. The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 at long last gave foreign-born,…

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