A Quiet Place Part II

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“There’s nothing left.” 

🏆90%  ⚠️ anxiety worthy + emotionally stressful

Wow… the film of a sequel we’ve been waiting for over 2 years now and finally getting the experience back at the cinema, it was quite an interesting experience.  First to say the first one is 🙄 better but it is the best sequel to a movie as other people say, there right. The 3rd one is in the works and I’m happy to see that one goes as planned. 


This is emotional about following the events at home the Abbott family now face the terrors of the outside world. Forced to venture into the unknown, they realize that the creatures that haunt by sound are not the only threats that lurk beyond the sand path. 

Back at the cinema 🥰. The film stars off in a way of how it happened and then it cuts off to how it ended in the first quite place, I Love how they did that but they should’ve shown more, I’m sure that’ll happen in the 3rd one. John Krasinski directed one hell of a sequel that leaves you the same feeling you had while watching the 1st one. This is entertaining and it gives you anxiety during the 97mins runtime. As they say silence is not enough, it was loud in the theater lmao, sure wasn’t any silence 🤪. The jump scares worked perfectly. Jumped at a few scenes. That ending of this 2nd one was beautiful loved ⚠️Spoiler⚠️how they cut back at each other. Moments in the film left you like 🥺. John Krasinski is prob one of my fav directors in this genre, I wish I can meet him and ask him some questions lol. Emily blunt, I fucking love her man. Her character is the same from the 1st movie though and I didn’t mind it at all!!!!! I Loved that I got to see her worked so well in this as the 1st one. I loved seeing the 2 kids again, they were phenomenal as the 1st one also. I believe the girl name is millicent Simmonds and she did amazing, the film really overall focused on her the most. Nope Jupe was phenomenal also his character meanwhile gave us different feelings because of what happened to him in the beginning. I wasn’t quite supersized when Cillian Murphy showed up because I noticed him right away. Is it weird to me how he kinda looked like a creep? Idk. Lol his character was a good one and I enjoyed watching him. We all also got something new while watching ⚠️Spoiler⚠️ We know that the creatures, they can’t swim and that was 😳. Wonder what else they can’t do. If they can’t swim how come they could swim in the basement where they were they could in the first one including this one? Anyhow I did felt like this movie was rushed and I didn’t entirely got a good feeling when it ended plus It didn’t show what happens next. Anyhow the acting is phenomenal!!!! Beautiful cinematography + score. The score made the movie intense and the movie itself is just out of hand. I highly recommend this and this is definitely one of the best this year. It is beautiful and it is terrifying ☺️

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