Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

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Guys am I starting to become relaxed on my scores or are there just a ton of fantastic movies this summer, I have given so many movies over 9 recently. I may drop Spider-Man because after watching this and Midsommar it is definitely not as high as I rated it before.

WOW I loved this movie! Really fun, very energetic, obviously all the characters are gems. Starting off with director Quinten Tarantino, he still has not lost hat visionary touch of his. This film feels so Tarantino, but is also distinctly different from all of his other films; it is probably closest in tone to Inglorious Basterds with some Django and Jackie Brown sprinkled throughout. He assembled probably the most stacked cast of the year (I AM CALLING IT RIGHT NOW, This is going to win Best Ansemble at the Sag Awards), Brad Pitt gives one of his best performances and he is definitely the standout, Leonardo was fricking amazing as well you can tell that the character of Rick Dalton is one of QT’s brain childs and you can definitely see his directing/writing brought to life by Leo straight down to his mannerisms like stuttering and pacing, it is AMAZING. Margot Robbie and everyone else though there where not nearly as good or served as big purpose hey we’re pretty good, also I needed more Mike Moh and RIP Luke Perry 😢.

When looking at the technical side of things the first thing I need to say is some of the scenes where shot in 4:3 aspect ratio (Mid90s or many films pre-60s) which I love because it is a beautiful way to present films and we never see people use camera’s to shoot movies like that anymore, though 99% is still shot in your normal widescreen format. The cinematography is not as beautiful or crazy as some of Tarantino’s films but it was good. The pacing and tone where pretty consistent at times you could feel the length of the film creeping up on yah but I was pretty engaged. Choreography like most Tarantino films are great all he fights look great. Finally my favorite part of every Tarantino movie is the soundtrack, he has such a knack for these things and it does not disappoint. 

Now also one of the things I like to do in my Tarantino movie is count how many times he does one of his favorite things like change history or HAS RANDOM FEET IN THE SHOT BECAUSE Tarantino has a major FOOT FETISH, you don’t believe me huh look at anyone of his movies. I will not talk about the changing history part to avoid spoilers, but you should know if you have seen Inglorious Basterds. I kept an eye out for feet though and Margot Robbie takes her boots off and puts her feet up and her feet are the biggest thing in the shot and it keeps cutting back to her as well as A Manson person puts her feet on a Winshield and it is the biggest thing in the shot. There is one more but just in case you want to keep it a surprise.

Verdict 9.4/10
Love this movie so darn much!!

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