A Better Tomorrow ★★★★★

John Woo really should have stayed in Hong Kong. This movie is fucking incredible. It shows you that you don't have to have the most original story to make something great out of it. The two brothers on the opposite sides of the law thing has been done to death but this movie makes you feel like you're watching it for the first time. How the fuck did Woo do it? Well, the themes of love and loyalty and the sacrifices sometimes required to give it meaning don't just appear out of nowhere. They are very much part of the narrative And the action. Speaking of which, what can you possibly say about it. It's simply brilliant, superbly staged, blocked, choreographed, enacted. And Woo knows how to cut to keep the tension at a certain level. Chow Yun-fat is simply amazing. He's one of the best things about the movie. The theme song by Leslie Cheung is also pretty rad.

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