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  • The Kids

    The Kids


    Tribeca #11

    Feels incomplete without participation from more of the cast/crew, however I'm not surprised Harmony Korine or Larry Clark declined involvement because they don't come out of this looking great. Primarily Larry Clark who especially comes off as totally exploitative and essentially abusive of the relationships he formed with these kids just to leech off of them for the success and subsequently abandon them to quite literally die. Harold Hunter still today radiates the kind of energy on screen…

  • No Man of God

    No Man of God


    Tribeca #10

    Two great performances from Wood and Kirby and the film is competently made, but the ability to hold your interest is likely going to depend on how tired of films, series, etc. about Bundy you are.

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  • Two Distant Strangers

    Two Distant Strangers

    Stop giving bad films a pass for being on the right side of an issue. Why is this whole short lit like a television commercial? The stupid blatant dog treat product placement didn't help. The whole thing felt exploitative.

  • Pleasure



    Sundance #25

    Not a horror film in the traditional sense but jesus this is dark and horrifying. I live by myself and was still uncomfortable while watching it. Not like we don't know how problematic the porn industry can be, but Pleasure doesn't hold back in showing us. No idea what U.S. distributor would even buy this but it needs a serious warning in front of it.

    Great film, never want to see it again.