4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days ★★★★★

There are two simple sides to the abortion debate: Yes or No. Nothing else is simple about it. As our country loses its mind over what should be settled law and inches ever closer to our own Romanian Decree 770, this movie will punch you in the face no matter where you line up on that Yes/No position. Against abortion? Fine, look here and see what you have wrought. Pro-choice? Fine, also look here and see how ugly and messy it truly is.  And none of us is able to look away for these two hours, short of turning off the film. Stare at the ugliness. Stare at the hideousness. Stare at the sadness. Stare at the reality. And when the two main characters agree to never talk about this again, is that even possible? I certainly won’t forget this film in my lifetime.