Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

“He said “I’m the devil, and I’m... here to do some devil shit.” That’s not verbatim.”

With his latest effort, Quentin Tarantino has taken everything that he has learned throughout his career, and brought it together to make one of his best films yet. Perfectly written characters (an all-timer with Cliff Booth), a brilliant screenplay, and all the little “Tarantinoisms” combine to make something that is so much his, yet feels completely different. It really is just a hangout movie, that ends in a way that only Tarantino could do, and might just be one of the most satisfying film endings ever.

My only gripes at this point are 1. The part of the ranch scene where Booth goes to find Bruce Dern’s character, where Tarantino is so obviously building tension in his perfect way, except it has no pay-off (which is perfectly fine for a first-watch fake out, but drags on repeat viewings), and 2. Dalton’s wife plays no role whatsoever. You could completely take her out of the film and it would be no different; she doesn’t change the plot or characters in anyway, and I’m kind of baffled that Tarantino would leave such a useless character in.

Nevertheless, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a crowning achievement for one of the best to ever make films, and will has be remembered as a classic for decades to come

“Is everyone alright?”
“Well the fuckin hippies aren’t, that’s for gotdamn sure.”

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