Safety Not Guaranteed ★★★½

I was worried this film would get mired in the concept and concern itself only with cheap laughs at the expense of a weird guy who posted a famous (well famous on the internet at least) classified ad. While there is a little bit of that, there is real heart in the film and comes through in the writing and the great performances by pretty much all of the cast.

Plaza is perfect as the listless intern, attempting to inject a bit of vigour into her life, contrasted against Duplass as the freewheeling time-traveller, who are both again contrasted against Plaza's co-workers. I really enjoyed all of the different personalities here and the way they are all developed with their own stories within the story.

A very solid indie dramedy that throws you right into the story and keeps you interested from beginning to end. Ultimately it may not be one for the ages, but it's undeniably a fun watch.

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