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  • Miss Congeniality

    Miss Congeniality


    i just think it’s neat

  • Cars 3

    Cars 3


    i haven’t rewatched this but about a month ago i had a dream where i was in this movie and everything was the same except the armie hammer car was trying to kill me and i.........have you guys SEEN the armie news........ someone remember to check on me every week please i’m. afraid

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  • Tangled



    what she says: i'm fine

    what she means: why did frozen get so much more acclaim than this film? clearly the artistry, level and attention to detail, score and original songs, characterisation and development and entire plot is better? and don't come at me with the whole 'love between sisters' bullshit. because everyone could have just watched lilo and stitch for YEARS and i wouldn't have had to be plagued with let it go on every damn radio station and…

  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals


    the scene where susan can't concentrate at work and phases out when people are speaking to her because she's thinking about jake's facial features is the most relatable scene in any film ever