Avengers: Age of Ultron ★★½

Enjoyable, though slightly repetitive of the first “Avengers” film. Really most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting a tad repetitive...somebody has some kind of Magic Glowing MacGuffin to end the world, we must stop him! Still that said, while this film isn't as strong or as fun as the first Avengers, it works for an enjoyable time at the movies.

I will say the climax of the movie felt a little too reminiscent of the first film, with the team battling robot monsters in an extended action sequence. This one actually began to feel too long near the end, but it didn't truly wear out it's welcome, so I'll give it a pass. 

I might just be getting bored with this universe, I don't hate it or anything, but while the first Avengers movie was really exciting, nothing else in this franchise has truly blown me away, and I do feel the formula is getting worn out. No more complaints, a good time at the movies for sure, just don't think it surpassed anything that came before.