Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★

‘Escape From New York’ is kind of like ‘Die Hard’ for me. I know it’s good, but, I was late to the game on seeing it. I’ve watched it twice now, the first time was with a group of rowdy friends and I found the thing nearly incomprehensible. This time I watched it in three sittings, on my own, and liked it more. I still haven’t settled into the movie though. It’s Carpenter score and the visual effects tricks that win the movie for me, not Russel’s Plisskin, at least not yet. I still haven’t watched ‘Escape From L.A.’ but it’s coming. Also coming is a Blu Ray to replace my ‘Escape From New York’ DVD, an honor ‘Ghosts of Mars’ didn’t receive.

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