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  • Rosa la Rose, Public Girl
  • Funeral Parade of Roses
  • Sweet Smell of Success
  • Once Upon a Time in the West

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  • No Time to Die


  • The Howling


  • They Live


  • Run


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  • Annette



    I'm just totally on Carax's wavelength with this one. I could easily see this being one of those "I appreciated what it was doing, but I didn't really enjoy it" experiences for a lot of people, but it luckily checks both boxes for me. In the moment, it's intoxicating and invigorating in a way that you rarely see from modern cinema, but in retrospect, it's even more incredible for how miraculously Carax balances the tonal shifts and surreal elements within…

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    I love the formalism: gorgeous cinematography and art direction which makes it the first film I've seen in a couple years which I genuinely think exponentially benefits from being seen on a big screen; incredible score which amplifies the film's already prominent atmosphere; deliberate pacing which demands a lot of patience from the viewer, but is rhythmic and hypnotic in a way that took me by surprise. Where the film sadly falls short for me is the content. The lengthy…

Recent reviews

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    Might topple Casino Royale as my favorite Bond film. It’s consistently engaging, taking a page out of Mission: Impossible’s book and devoting less time to the convoluted plotting—though not ditching it entirely—and focusing more on the characters and entertaining set pieces. It’s burdened with the narrative baggage of other, worse Bond films, but Fukunaga brings all the threads together in a satisfying (if not totally neat) way, even introducing a new villain without dragging the film down with more laborious…

  • The Howling

    The Howling


    Some cool, gnarly special effects, but not much else worked for me. After a pretty effective and tense opening, the second act grinds the momentum to a halt, and things get very silly from there.

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  • Us



    Starts off strong, effectively creating tension through fantastic cinematography and notably sharp editing/pacing, but once the table has been properly set, it's a gradual nosedive to the perplexing finale. The acting is undeniably committed and the child actors are pitch-perfect, but the exaggerated, go-for-broke lead performances teeter into overkill and would have been more effective if reigned in a bit. Also, the frequent attempts at humor, though sometimes successful, completely undercut the unnerving tone. It felt like Peele wasn't confident…

  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    Jarmusch's work occasionally falls flat for me but with The Dead Don’t Die, he goes beyond anti-comedy and anti-horror, essentially creating an anti-film so lazy and uninspired—the cop car's number is “001”—it’s as if complete apathy is his entire approach. Some may be charmed by the lack of style, substance, character development, purpose, and, well, anything to really latch onto, but to me, Jarmusch's refusal to commit to anything is maddening. The social commentary is so thin, it almost feels…