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  • Still of the Night

    Still of the Night


    Meryl as femme fatale, okay! Still feels wrong to see this much side-boob and straight up butt from our finest actor, am I prude? Big TV movie energy and I liked the little piano score at the beginning and end, very fine. Three stars!

  • War for the Planet of the Apes

    War for the Planet of the Apes


    Upon rewatch maybe my least favorite of the 3?? Still very excellent though! Just not sure how much the Harrelson war-movie homage character works. I wanted a little humanity in humans, very bleak to see a movie wholly without. And I know this is a stale take but watching these movies in the roaring 2010’s felt one way and in 2021 it feels we are 5 days from all of this happening.

    These movies rule so much and already feel…

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  • Clue



    There's been talks of a remake forever so here's my proposed cast(s) for it:

    Wadsworth - Bill Hader
    Ms. Scarlet - Anne Hathaway
    Col. Mustard - Randall Park
    Mrs. White - Maya Rudolph
    Prof. Plum - Lakeith Stanfield
    Mrs. Peacock - Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Mr. Green - Sam Richardson
    Yvette - Billie Lourd
    Mr. Boddy - Adam Scott
    Singing Telegram Girl - Chelsea Peretti

    Wadsworth - Jordan Peele
    Ms. Scarlet - Tina Fey
    Col. Mustard - Channing Tatum
    Mrs. White…

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    I'm having the exact same arc with LW as I did with Lady Bird, which is really liking and enjoying it the first time and then, upon rewatch, knowing the relationships and plot well enough to absorb every note and color and movement of what Gerwig's actually doing. And, well...

    What a monument to the beauty of quiet lives. There is no conflict other than the inherent struggle of good people trying to love each other as best they can...and…