Cry Macho

Cry Macho ★★½

Unremarkable entry in Clint Eastwood’s filmography, as it plays things too directly to have made much of an emotional impact for me. Script is pretty straightforward, with characters clearly spelling out backstory and their motivations. Eastwood’s typically casual direction doesn’t elevate the clear-cut material and especially not when there is any major tension in the story, and he’s not pulling any remarkable work from his cast (including himself), who seem to simply stick with the basic motions of the plot. As a reflection of where Eastwood is as a filmmaker and an icon at this late stage of his career, this film doesn’t do anything that Gran Torino or even Unforgiven did much better. Approximately the middle third is the strongest section, when the plot slows down and focuses on its subtle character dynamics, and the film itself isn’t without having its heart in the right place.

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