The Goldfinch ★★½

5.8 - A mixture of genres, The Goldfinch works on certain levels but falls short altogether due to its clumsy execution and bad script.

Enjoyment: 3.4/5 | Quality: 2.4/5

Adapting from a novel with the same name, falling short due to a messy script and the lackluster exploration of supporting characters, The Goldfinch could have been a masterpiece if it finds the right medium, a limited television series; cramming all the materials from the Pulitzer-winning novel into a 2.5-hour runtime is simply unjustified, to both the source material and its complexed characters. However, some of it works as each individual element, especially the coming-of-age story and the search for a family aspect, just not together as a whole. With beautiful cinematography and a great score, there are great qualities in The Goldfinch, yet it fails to live up to its potential.

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