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  • Daisies


    Was seething in jealousy over the blonde brunette bestie dynamic until I realized marie ii is ginger we can't all be perfect. Also really vindicates my choice to wear nothing but thick winged liner daily viva czechia

  • Obscurer


    That’s not how you say Zizek

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  • Lez Bomb

    Lez Bomb

    somehow made me more anxious than the lighthouse

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    so warm, so tender, so sensual. couldn’t stop crying - not because this movie made me especially sad but because there’s so much LOVE and soft emotion that your heart kind of just spills over and it turns into tears. loved the scene where the maid is getting an abortion and the baby holds her and grabs her face, one of the most gorgeous and heart wrenching things ive seen this year on screen. please watch this movie it left me breathless