Luca ★★½

It’s Pixar’s shortest movie since the original Toy Story, clocking in at 84 minutes, but it still seems overlong. The story is so unbelievably cookie cutter and formulaic that I was able to pinpoint every single major event that took place from the moment Luca stepped foot on land. At the same time, despite it being extremely formulaic, it’s also quite messy. There is absolutely nothing established about this world or the rules surrounding it that it almost feels like a sequel. There’s lots of information the movie kind of just expects you to know without going into it in the slightest. The villain is one of Pixar’s worst in a long time. He’s the stereotypical mustache twirling guy that just wants to be the best at everything. Obviously the animation and voice work are absolutely perfect, and towards the end there were a couple of interesting decisions made, but there is nothing here to think about or chew on once the credits roll. It’s Pixar’s most disposable film since The Good Dinosaur and I kind of understand why they sent this one straight to Disney plus. I know Soul did the same thing, but this time around there are actually theatres open. Kind of seems like Pixar wants this one swept under the rug a bit. I feel like they should have flip flopped the worlds. Have Luca be a human that finds out he’s a sea monster. It would have made the story 10X more interesting. The human world in this film isn’t interesting at all. The stakes here are incredibly low and there is nothing new or exciting about the town in this film. If Luca was a human who found out he was a sea monster, we would’ve spent way more time in the ocean, and we would’ve gotten so much more intriguing world building and interesting characters, and deeper stakes, and better messages. I think that was a complete missed opportunity. This one was definitely a disappointment. Not awful, but not great either.

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