Suicide Squad ★★★

Oh Suicide Squad, what you could have been. Maybe I'm too generous but I definitely wasn't horrified by this film, unlike several critics it seems, but it absolutely was not the film I was hoping it could be.

I've seen a few places describing it as a "music video" and it absolutely is that. I can sit there and enjoy the visuals and the music, but it isn't a coherent story. It reminds me of Sucker Punch - if you wanted a lazy Saturday evening double bill with some drinks and nice visuals, these would make a good duo.

I'm not an expert on Harley Quinn and the Joker, but their relationship felt a bit nothingy here. Even the little I know about them, there's an interesting (if disturbing) story to tell there. Nope, not here though. I thought Jared Leto's Joker was pretty naff as well too - maybe I'm too entranced by Nolan/Ledger's Joker but I wasn't interested in this one whatsoever. I understand a fair few of his scenes seem to have been cut and this may have hindered any development, but what's onscreen is very much "meh". Then again this lack of history/characterisation can be levelled at most of the "Squad", I mean really - what's the point of half of them?

I liked Will Smith's Deadshot - he definitely gets most of the good lines and indeed, any vague characterisation. There was some fun action, it looked alright, I didn't mind the music choices (I actually really like the start of the music they use when they introduce Harley - yes, I know it was in the trailer), Jai Courtney didn't suck the charisma off the screen. Positives.

Oh and the ending - ha! I'd been warned about the last 30 minutes and they were not kidding, it's so out of place and just "what?".

I do generally like superhero movies though, so this film sort of gets a pass - I didn't hate it, I enjoyed bits of it and bumbled along for a ride with the film. This film could easily get a lower score, but notsomuch achieve a higher one. There's a really fun, dark story to be told using these characters - sadly this film doesn't know what it wants and limits the success.

And to think, they'd even gone as far as to make a special Suicide Squad IMAX countdown introduction.... it deserved better.

DC you better not dash my hopes about Wonder Woman.

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