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  • The Watcher in the Woods

    The Watcher in the Woods


    Super charming little Disney flick that got darker than it possibly was supposed to have. At best I'd say this is the closest Disney got to Hammer Horror. Penned by the always entertaining Brian Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter , directed by the formidable John Hough with his impressive listing of horror classics.

    The Watcher in the Woods holds exceptionally added interest when taking pieces like The Legend of Hell House and Incubus in consideration when watching this dark, creepy…

  • Bill & Ted Face the Music

    Bill & Ted Face the Music


    Well, at least it tries, and it stays true to the universe of the earlier films, so yeah I would have to say that this was quite entertaining. Bill and Ted swishing and swooshing back and forth in time and dimension to save it all from falling apart.

    Gets the job done and a welcome return to B&T even if it's somewhat difficult to buy into their personas as aged dudes. But it's fun and one just goes along for the ride.

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  • American Murder: The Family Next Door

    American Murder: The Family Next Door


    Apart from being a terrible tragedy, I also was shocked by the obsessive taping of the children and social media posting.

  • The Eternal Jew

    The Eternal Jew

    I've got a buddy who works actively against fascism and right wing movements. He once gave me a bunch of DVDs with the explanation that I as a "film historian and cinephile" would probably understand to watch them for their value, not the message.

    What do you say about a film like this, the Nazi party's main anti-Jew propaganda piece, commissioned and partially supervised by Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels himself. Well it's a manipulative monster of course, almost a…