Pan's Labyrinth ★★★★½

Both haunting and beautiful, Pan's Labyrinth is a wonderful film, a rare glimpse of pure imagination. Del Toro has managed to craft a film that elegantly weaves the tragedy of the real world with fantasy. The best part about it is that we never learn too much about the underworld. We get glimpses of it; images of pure terror or beauty. It's just the right amount to suck us into the story, but it always leaves us wanting to see just a little more.

Somehow Del Toro manages to make the real world part of the story just as engaging as the fantastic elements. We are plunged right into the chaos of the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War but wisely this is approached from a very personal standpoint. We get a few characters that we really grow to care for. Without such great writing there's no way I could have happily spent most of the movie away from the enchanting imagery of that fantasy world.

Also this film has some serious balls on it with the amount of disturbing stuff it shows. Few films have filled me with such dread, heartbreak and also hope all at once.

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