The Favourite ★★★★★

Sometimes a lady likes to have some fun. 

I think, I mean no, I am one hundred percent sure this is Yorgos Lanthimos climax, and as one of his crazy character would say "this is madness" but I guess sometimes a director likes to have some fun. And he sure had some creating The Favourite and well the result is fucking brillant. I couldn't even tell you why it is, I mean it just it. And Everything is actually. There's nothing wrong, yorgos thought about everything and missed nothing. The story he created is so complicated that I even wonder how he managed to keep track of everything and to keep it so clear and limpid for us, it was so easy to watch and even funny and sad at some points. I'm so happy it's still as insane and full of nonsense as his previous films. I mean pretty much nothing has sense but because everything is donse so well, it becomes amazing and weirdly satisfying. It's like he combined all the things that make his movies so great into one movie and named it The Favourite, and I'm glad he did. Because I completely loved it, and I already want to see it again. Anyway, everyone say thank you Yorgos Lanthimos! Especially for giving us another lesbian Rachel Weisz, although I'm still wondering, where the hell was Colin Farrell??

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