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  • Antropophagus



    Never been a fan of this one as it drags on forever and has some of the most annoying characters ever but still worth seeing for George Eastman eating that fetus and later his own guts!

  • Iron Warrior

    Iron Warrior

    A terribly cheap Conan rip-off with lame sword fights, too many slow-motion sequences and almost no worthy production values... not even the beautiful Sabina Gersak, as Princess Jana, could save this turd.

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  • Cube



    Mostly shot with a hand-held camera on a limited budget of only $365,000, the story superbly unfolds itself through a mysterious and existential finale.

  • How It Ends

    How It Ends

    A film without an ending... it could mean that How It Ends is gearing up for a sequel, it could mean that this was a simulation where individual violence — like Will shooting Jeremiah — sets of climate disasters, which makes this a cautionary tale, it could mean that this really was the end of the world, but we just didn't get to see Will and Sam die on screen or it could also mean that How It Ends is simply a bad movie.