Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail ★★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I seriously love this OVA. 

While season 2 of Black Lagoon ended on a peculiar note (in my opinion), I love the way this ends. 

Revy and Rock go together like peanut butter and jelly. The analogy of the bullet and gun is so fucking good; I just love the relationship between these two characters. Rock and Revy are total opposites in every way; Revy is always a hardcore motherfucker who’ll beat the shit out of anyone and loves to raise all hell, but underneath her wild and violent exterior, she’s just looking for someone who’s a decent human being to be in love with; while Rock is usually a shy, passive, kind hearted person, underneath that exterior he’s a sociopath and massive manipulator finally seen here in the film. 

Throughout the movie it really paints Rock in a much different light and we finally get to see he’s not a good guy after all; in fact this movie had him practically pegged as an antagonist in its own way. We finally get to see some Revy backstory as well and partly how she came to become the wicked hardass she is now. 

Roberta finally comes back and takes out revenge on those who murdered her master. It’s a really great storyline and she loses all of her humanity over something that Lovelace never even wished for. It’s brilliantly executed and I’m glad she gets to take out a lot of the pricks in the film. 

I was honestly pretty worried Garcia Lovelace was going to die in the end, but glad he made it out alive. The final scene in the jungle Is fantastic. 

Mini Maid Fabiola Iglesias is a great addition to the cast of characters. I wasn’t too sure about her at first but once she started getting into action, I really loved her. She’s a very strong willed and good hearted person and one of the few people that see through Rock and Revy’s exteriors; which made for some interesting moments of dialogue and examination between her and them. 

And I don’t mean to be that guy but this OVA has got some really hot scenes and camera shots with Revy. I’m talking top to bottom action; a real fan service winner right here. Thank youuuuu!

This OVA hits a lot of check boxes for me. Absolutely loved it and so glad to add it to my collection along with the show.