Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap ★★★

I couldn't double tap my decision on what I thought of this sequel. If you liked the first one I say this is worth a watch. Still is a one and done type deal. It's a sequel I wanted and was shown I didn't need. Nevertheless there are some fun golden nuggets throughout. Such as the Tallahassee and Columbus knockoffs, the very very end and half of Madison's lines.

Madison's character seemed out of place as an extremely over the top valley girl for this 2019 flick. Regardless she still did get some laughs out of me. There was a small social undertone making fun of the hippie mentality where being a sjw (social justice warrior) will not help you survive against a threatening enemy without guns. I thought it was funny and tastefull and didn't feel it was pandering or a focal point in anyway.

My positive take away, is I didn't hate it and was surprised by what might happen or where the story was headed... In world full of zombies theres no place to go but home.

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