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  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer


    Okay, so I had seen this once before and found it to be a bit like an assault on the senses, quite frankly, and having not been a fan of the old cartoons or other source material, I put it aside and hadn't thought about it for a decade.

    Enter the cheapo bargain bin of Blu-rays at any local store, and the general curiosity of "Well, it couldn't have been THAT BAD, could it?", and here we go with a…

  • The Church

    The Church


    This one was a later entry in the Italian horror cycle, and something I had only seen once before way back when Netfux still offered more varied DVDs than you can get from them today. When Ronin Flix offered it on Blu-ray, I decided to give Michele Saovi's supernatural flick another day in court, see how things hold up.

    The answer? Fairly well? The film takes place within a cathedral located in the middle of a modern city, which was…

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  • That's Sexploitation!

    That's Sexploitation!


    A Great little documentary from director Frank Henenlotter, this film covers the history of Sexploitation movies, staring from the earliest loops in the '20s up to the arrival of hardcore pornography in the heyday of the '70s, which effectively killed the softcore, 'teasing' genre for most audiences. It's pretty exhaustive in its approach and features a lot of reminiscing from veteran director/producer David F. Friedman, who was really interesting to listen to as he related his experiences in this bygone era.

    Highly recommended.

  • Winchester



    Okay, so first things first, this was a blind buy based on The Spierig Brothers involvement, as I hadn't thought about them for ages and was just pleased that they had finally found a way back to genre material!

    A doctor (Jason Clark) is sent to assess the mental fitness of Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren) to continue in her role as majority share holder and steward of her family's company, due to her obvious eccentricities as she continues with 24…