Die Hard: With a Vengeance ★★★

Continuing my journey through the Die Hard boxset, I gave this one a revisit, and I was pleased to refresh the memories of that initial viewing ages ago.

Okay, so this time around we finally see John McClane back in his New York stomping grounds, with no tragedy involving his wife directly influencing the action. Instead, we get a bomber who is after McClane himself, sending him around town to desperately try to save lives by carrying out various tasks and humiliations.

The first of these tasks involves him walking through Harlem wearing an offensive sandwich board, which is where we pick up Samuel Jackson's character, a local business owner who prevents McClane from having the shit beaten out of him by the locals, and eventually becomes a semi-willing partner on the rest of his adventures.

Jackson is a welcome addition, and this has some amusing one-liners, so I would definitely say that it's worth a rental if you have the chance.