Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 ★★★★½

A fucking delight. Capitalizing off the disgusting success of the first film, David Leitch just runs wild with this thing, delivering some honestly brutal action sequences and comedic beats that constantly hit their mark. Reynolds clearly is having the time of his life here, producing, starring, fucking *writing* the damn thing. Deadpool 2 frankly just slaps. This is some fun, funny, visually interesting shit. Josh Brolin was badass as fuck as Cable. Jonathan Sela’s cinematography makes the first Deadpool look like it was shot with a potato, and Leitch’s veteran action filmmaking just makes this shit awesome. And honestly, I was just dying laughing during most of this. It’s a better, more polished script here than we got the first time around - this thing actually has a narrative. I honestly might end up seeing this on the big screen again. But yeah, I loved most of this thing, and am definitely not disappointed in the direction of this series. 


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