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  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
  • Vertigo
  • The Sniper
  • Three Colors: Red

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  • The Tourist


  • Procession


  • Plunder Road


  • Pleasure


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  • Tenet



    Straight up - FUCK THIS MOVIE!
    If you want a cinema induced migraine - go ahead and buy a ticket.

    I hadn't been inside a movie theater in six months, and my first visit back I'm subjected to this nonsense. I'm glad some people are getting something out of it, I simply do not get it. I watched I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS the day before, and that was a walk in the park to parse out as it had…

  • A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life


    The cinema is essentially my church, and Malick the pastor to deliver one hell of sermon.

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  • Plunder Road

    Plunder Road


    Pretty good bare to the bones kinda thriller. It cuts out the first act in which you'd introduce the characters and the objective. Throws you in the middle of the heist. And at doubt do you wonder if it'll work, they are so good at this, planned it to the last detail. What truly is at stake is whether they will get away with it. And how.

    The way that some things don't work out for some characters is really…

  • Pleasure



    The film opens with Bella Cherry with border patrol asking her if she's coming to the US for business or pleasure. She takes a second to reply, and says the title of the film.

    Who the fuck is Bella Cherry? She remains an enigma, clearly on purpose. But throughout the film we don't really get much of an answer. Just her reactions to some of extreme situations. And if she's meant to be a prop to take us through this…

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  • Wanderers



    There's more wonder and creativity in three minute film than in the 3 hours of Interstellar.

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Dear Electro, there is a black spider man out there and he’s in a great movie called Into The Spider-Verse. That does every single thing you could imagine better than the movie you find yourself in.

    I’m tired of this shit.
    Why do I bother? Give in and give them my money, my attention, just so I could be part of the cultural conversation? So I can feel included? Or follow podcasts and online chatter? Well, whatever it is it’s…