Possessor ★★★★

It's inside you.

Infected with boredom and structure and ice leads to thoughts unbridled and imagination unfathomable. An inability to resist those intrusive thoughts. Blood runs cold down fingertips felt by another; hands clasped together in an intimate kiss of death. One mind screams and the other soul listens as it echoes throughout a shared skull and dulls an aching heart. A macrebre series of revelations turns skin inside out so that both can see within. Match the gaze of the reflection and recalibrate.

Which persona is on display? The one from within or the one that was claimed? A possession of the soul from a foreign entity that steals the body and makes it their own renders one voiceless yet ecstatic with pleasure. There is freedom in loss of control; power in submission. Select the skin to cover the body to hide the mind to empower the fantasy of destruction without consequence, lust without confidence, life without consciousness. The blinding lights will hide everything other than the one who occupies the forefront of the mind. A host of depravity. There is no reason to fear when there is nothing to lose. Not even the self - now owned by another - can be taken from you. Absolute freedom at the expense of control. The evil has possessed you. Let it take over so you can finally breathe.

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