Some Like It Hot ★★★★★

Hilarious, humorous, comical, ridiculous, Some Like It Hot is the best thing that has ever happened in comedy. Pretty unrealistic? What is the substance of realistic without being capable of to tie the seats of the audience tightly to present a quality picture. Some Like It Hot is an anti-mediocre comedy, bold, and managed to tickles the belly within every second of its duration. This is a glorious evidence that when comedy films are made based on abundant types of humor and require proper abilities to manage them and keep it balance, the outcome is has to be a thoroughly entertainment but hard to be underestimated. I have watched two excellent noir Double Indemnity (1944) and Sunset Boulevard (1950), as well as the good quality comedy romance The Apartment (1960) and Sabrina (1954), the creative power Billy Wilder has now transformed into a comedy expert by invented Some Like It Hot, which is another showpiece to commemorate the end of the 50s decade.

Wilder set the tale in Chicago. Two musicians, Joe and Jerry, one day accidentally witnessed a massacre by mob in valentine’s day. To escape the danger, they disguise themselves as women and join an all-female orchestra. There they have to conjure themselves into high heels, fake breasts, wigs, and identity. Joe (who is now Josephine) fell in love with a member of the band named Sugar Kane. And Jerry (Daphne) is being chased by an old millionaire. To complicate matters, Joe does the double disguise of becoming a wealthy man to captivate Sugar Kane.

Between the audience and a good film, convincing expectations are easily formed, significantly for comedy. The first ten or fifteen minutes are enough to tell you whether a film is bad or good; the next few minutes should be enough to build assumptions about the quality of the film itself, regardless of what will be presented at the end. In addition to the excitement Some Like It Hot provides, there's the extra pleasure of finding a good movie and knowing it while you enjoy Billy Wilder's work. Truthfully, Wilder took quite a daring step, regarding the theme of womanhood and the way to imitate femininity might seem unusual and quite offensive to some circles. With the proper and meticulous execution process, Wilder managed to produce a good result that this film is hard to be disliked, despite there may still be some people who quite hate on this, predominantly the modern viewer.

For those unable to understand the light humor of Some Like It Hot is today's classic response, probably they have been brought up, or are too numb by, today's graphic cheesy humor. There was a time when laughter had the subtlety and purity of comedy, it was very intelligent in terms of intelligence, creativity, and humor itself. Some Like It Hot is like a comedy magician, you never know what will happen next, because each new scene you eagerly anticipate what comedic magic will be out of its sleeves. Subjectively, Some Like It Hot will still be funny even for the next 50 years.

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