• Brief Encounter

    Brief Encounter


    British's greatest romance Brief Encounter narrated a story of a brief relationship in a brief time. This film illustrate an impassioned affair between two married people in which they are conscious enough to know that their relationship is a big mistake but too powerless to stop themselves. Set in Great Britain in WW II, Brief Encounter in many ways is an analogy for the struggles that men and women experience, trapped by having to conform to social expectations while exploding…

  • High Noon

    High Noon


    There were the peak of an era in which many epic Westerns were released, set in a desert setting mostly captured the frontier landscapes between North and South America, likewise using hordes of cowboys in action and Indians as complements. High Noon is not much different from those attributes, Fred Zinnemann’s High Noon has the techniques like character-based drama and the tension of Westerns films in general. The director carefully and deliberately takes advantage of the atmosphere of threat and…

  • Hiroshima Mon Amour

    Hiroshima Mon Amour


    French filmmaker Alain Resnais tackled the issues in this film with such intimate attention in his debut picture Hiroshima Mon Amour. A classic tale of love, war, suffering and bitter memories, which focuses on an affair between a French actress and a Japanese architect in the bomb-ravaged city of Hiroshima. As the film moves from narrated reality to a dramatic, flashback-filled drama of sensual misery, it becomes a rare film where the present and the past mingle in each frame…

  • La Strada

    La Strada


    This is truly a distressing tale. La Strada brings together two opposing souls to unfold a story that ultimately displays a better aspect of humanity. La Strada marks Federico Fellini's first fully Felliniesque film, in which his signature energy and boundless narrative are combined with his ability to capture reality and reflect its truth through his dream-like perspective. Fellini's works will continue to reflect his own reality, producing complex combinations of personal influences. Fellini retains many obsessive visual traits that…

  • Vivre Sa Vie

    Vivre Sa Vie


    My Life to Live is like the most comprehensive application to cinema of the alienating effect of a stylish new epic theater, combining cinematic melodrama and intense social analysis. My Life to Live contains a short, twelve-part snippet that highlights the life of a beautiful young woman, Nana, a Parisian prostitute, at the beginning of the section contains footage of her separation from her husband. The film unfolds in 12 numbered sections, each listing what and who the audience will…

  • Breathless



    Jean-Luc Godard's A Bout de Souffle is frequently included in the master-list of the best French films, and even abundant film’s connoisseurs count Breathless in the classify of the best films ever. Tracing this film from a historical context requires a fair amount of study not only of the French New Wave, but also the theories of film as a whole, and their life apart from the New Wave. The installation is revolutionary in nature making Breathless an important appreciation…

  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a story in the Joseph Conrad tradition, using western-adventure not as an end in itself but as a test of its character. Even though the first impression of this film is about the adventure of looking for treasure in a mountain in the Tampico, Mexico, nevertheless there is a particular implication in this point. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre involves a moral contradiction between a wise old man and a paranoid middle-aged…

  • Shadow of a Doubt

    Shadow of a Doubt


    Before settled his feet in America, Hitchcock had made several great British thriller films in the 1930s (The 39 Steps and The Lady Vanishes are the biggest hit), ever since he had found his treasured blueprint, with Shadow of a Doubt it seemed like he had discovered a project that was right in its path with an ideal storyline for Hitchcock. Shadow of a Doubt takes the audience's time to feel the close discomfort of the killer character. Typically, British…

  • Ace in the Hole

    Ace in the Hole


    The viewer will not find the concept of conscience or sympathy at this time, Billy Wilder's Ace In The Hole expounds mercilessly regarding the cunning and rottenness of journalism towards a certain situation that could benefit one party. Three of Wilder's previous films Double Indemnity, The Lost Weekend, and Sunset Boulevard have established Wilder as a director who fancy to depicting the dark side of humanity in his own manner. Despite the three films are clearly a dark exploration of…

  • Stalag 17

    Stalag 17


    Stalag 17 knows how to strike the perfect balance between drama and comedy. This film could easily be turned into a heavy war drama, but a lighter approach was chosen, without losing its serious power and dramatic side. This makes Stalag 17 both very entertaining and clever at storytelling. William Holden won the Academy Awards for Best Actor for the role of an unsympathetic character here about an opportunist imprisoned in a German PoW camp. The director superbly balances elements…

  • Some Like It Hot

    Some Like It Hot


    Hilarious, humorous, comical, ridiculous, Some Like It Hot is the best thing that has ever happened in comedy. Pretty unrealistic? What is the substance of realistic without being capable of to tie the seats of the audience tightly to present a quality picture. Some Like It Hot is an anti-mediocre comedy, bold, and managed to tickles the belly within every second of its duration. This is a glorious evidence that when comedy films are made based on abundant types of…

  • Singin' in the Rain

    Singin' in the Rain


    Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly constructed a timeless musical drama that analogous the pinnacle of amusement on a playground. Feast one's eyes on Singin' In The Rain, it's like witnessing a live musical drama theater performance for the reason that this film magically hypnotized the audience to feel the exuberance from start to the end. Singin' In The Rain is considered to the best Hollywood musical of all time, the reasons are barely hard to understand. Watching Singin' In the…