I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★★★

This was one of the most frightening and anxiety inducing films I've seen in my life. But its biggest problem is that it didn't really stick with that hellish angst and had other things in mind that took away from the experience. And I think this is what Jordan Peele was trying to achieve with "Get Out" before failing miserably.
الإخراج حلو فشخ و effective فشخ و فيه تفاصيل حلوة فشخ retrospectively زي مقاطعته ليها و حركة الكاميرا اللي بتسبق حركة الشخصيات.
التصوير حلو فشخ.
المونتاچ حلو فشخ.
الموسيقى حلوة.
الميكاب حلو نيك و يمكن يكون الأفضل في كل الأفلام اللي شوفتها في حياتي.
التمثيل كله حلو.
چيسي حلوة فشخ و متمكنة فشخ و قمر فشخ و صوتها حلو فشخ. And oh boy did that bitch make me horny just by reciting a review of "A Woman Under The Influence" ! AND THANK FUCKING GOD BRIE LARSON DIDN'T LAND THE ROLE.
و توني كوليت خلاص بقت our generation's official crazy mom, and she's amazing.
السيناريو حلو جداً و الحوار حلو فشخ. And it has many tiny brilliant details in its dialogue and one was a recurring subtle gaslighting method like for example when he told her "not that homosexuality is akin to any of those other things". But maybe it got a little bit bloated and the conclusion was not as satisfying as I expected *and after knowing how the book ended, yeah Kaufman's ending was not the greatest thing in the world* but still, it's amazing.
[8/10] 21/4/2021

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