• A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


    This is basically 2 hours of emotionally forced nonsense.

  • The World, the Flesh and the Devil

    The World, the Flesh and the Devil


    "You're everywhere that's the trouble plotting and scheming like some fancy kinda spider"

    Harry Belfonte gives a engaging performance as a African American mine inspector named Ralph who gets trapped when the walls caves in, a few days pass and he eventually escapes however it appears the world is nearing the end.

    Ralph explores searching for people and soon he finds a woman named Susan (Inger Stevens) eventually she starts having romantic feelings for him but he avoids her because…

  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    Humorous and electrifying is what you get when Al Pacino robs a bank and things don't go as planned. Plus the silent intensity of John Cazale.

    Slight problems I had were the acting believability of Sonny (Pacino) being in love with Leon (Sarandon) or previously Angie (Peretz) it didn't seem very convincing that Sonny was ever in a relationship with either of them. Another problem with Leon who when explaining things to the cops felt like he was making everything up on the spot, also what was up with him having his hand resting on his chest the entire film.

  • Serpico



    Serpico a film about Police Officer, Frank Serpico (Pacino) and his 12 year struggle with the corruption prevelant in the police force. It seems no matter where Frank transfers to in New York the cops are always making deals with criminals. Al Pacino's performance is stunning, there are however some instances where he gets a little hammy. Some other problems are also present, a sappy soundtrack that's distracting, jarring editing, and Lorraine (Serpico's second girlfriend in the film) her acting is pretty awful and she even manages to slip in the old "Tearing me apart" line when she and Serpico are in a argument.

  • Scarecrow



    I don't trust anyone who thinks this film is good.

    I had somewhat high hopes for Scarecrow as it was the follow up from Director (Schatzberg) & Actor (Pacino) their previous film being 'Panic In Needle Park' which I thought was great, Scarecrow however isn't so great. Max (Hackman) & Lionel (Pacino) are in California and both are trying to hitch a ride into town, eventually someone picks them up and they are dropped off at a diner. They order breakfast and…

  • Revolutionary Road

    Revolutionary Road


    This film is bad for very obvious reasons; over the top acting, dumb story, questionable dialogue. While all those things are present in Revolutionary Road I was still pretty interested throughout the film particularly because of Leonardo DiCaprio, the cinematography & the 1950s setting. The main reason to watch this movie however is to witness the ridiculous anger fueled conversations between Frank (DiCaprio) & April (Winslet)

    Also who couldn't forget Michael Shannons glorious performance as the "supposedly" insane son (of the realtor that sold Frank & April their house) that visits their home twice, hilariously roasts them & calls them out on their shitty relationship.