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21, movie fan since ‘09. devotee of early, obscure, bizarre, and lost films

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  • Janie's Janie

    Janie's Janie


    "The hardest thing, though, is fighting for something you never had."

    It's remarkable that a film as straightforward and raw as Janie's Janie could hold one's attention for twenty-four minutes -- it's essentially nothing more than monologuing by a New Jersey single mother, occasionally broken up by interruptions by the kids, brief folk music interludes, and peppered with footage of other women in Janie's community. However, Janie's candor and insightfulness left me hanging onto everything she was telling us, and…

  • The Magic of Oz

    The Magic of Oz


    Maybe not as terrible as its reputation would lead one to believe, but still pretty dismal — that brief rotoscoped shot of Dorothy haunts me. This time around, I also realized that the songs here are totally shameless pastiches of “If I Were King of the Forest” and “We’re Off to See the Wizard” — classy!

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  • Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

    Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue


    Nothing else could give me such peace of mind as knowing that not only does marijuana canonically exist in each of these cartoon characters’ universes, but that they are all also staunchly against it. Sad that I’ll never get to light one up with Garfield, but at least now I can wonder which characters turned down a role because they’re smokers 😳

  • The Flying Train

    The Flying Train


    When I say my breath was taken away, I mean it -- and I can't imagine my reaction if I saw this properly projected in a theater.

    I'm a big fan (phan?) of phantom ride films, and this one has every ingredient needed to easily be the best I've seen: the 68mm film is crisp and fluid, the hanging railway is novel and gives an adventurous quality to the film, and there's so much scenery and life to see here. It's really amazing.