Monsoon ★★★

Cultural disconnect. A murky past drowned out by the ever changing landscape of modern Vietnam. Fields of luminosity and the constant rattling of bike engines. If there’s any film that accurately portrays the alienation of feeling like a foreigner in the soil that birthed you it’s Monsoon, and that’s definitely where this film peaks.

However, I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed by the time the credits started to roll. The film is subtle and is often filmed in a way which clearly allows us to witness the gauzy emotions pertaining to Kit’s predicament but there’s a whole lot more it attempts to tackle in terms of sexuality and cultural malaise which made me feel like the film had the urge to do something more but ultimately it just didn’t bother. Kind of dissapointing.

Not a bad little film but it’s pretty damn forgetful.

The way Vietnam was filmed however was fantastic. It was almost reminiscent of all those Bourdain episodes that I’ve seen in the place. I definitely need to visit.

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