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  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    Did I enjoy it?
    Yes! I really really did, in fact. Are people not liking this movie? I don't get that. It was fun, exciting, complex villains, complex heroes, visually interesting, music is exciting, bada** women doing bada** things. Also, had an unexpected cry.

    Details that will stick with me:
    -Chris Pine poptart and coffee
    -"Truth is beautiful."

    P.s. is this an explanation of what happened to 2020?

  • Eddie the Eagle

    Eddie the Eagle


    Did I enjoy it?
    Yeah. Lots of sports troupes and a fun 80s feel. I think Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton are good which makes it good.

    Details that will stick with me:
    -the windsuit
    -eddie's jumping faces

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  • Poltergeist



    Did I like it?
    Yes! Much more than when I watched it as a kid. I enjoyed all the little interactions and background action. It's colorful and visually dynamic.

    Detail(s) that will stick with me:
    Dad and neighbor remote clicking war.
    Obviously, investigator in the bathroom mirror scene.