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  • Dark Places

    Dark Places


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The ugly stepchild of the Gillian Flynn cinematic universe, Dark Places is the definition of “a lot going on.” Start with Charlize Theron as the grown-up survivor of a family massacre who gets mixed up with a club of true-crime enthusiasts convinced that her brother, who was convicted on her testimony, is innocent. Throw in Satanic panic, secret babies, teenage murderers, and a serial killer who makes his victims sign permission slips. Once a supporting character is revealed to have a history as a teenage arsonist, it’s clear there may indeed be such a thing as too much specificity. Maybe it played better on the page?

  • Mangrove



    Surprisingly similar to Trial of the Chicago 7 on the script level, but McQueen's roving camera grounds it in everyday pleasure and pain.

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  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Appalachian Gothic --- unspeakable brutality in unspeakable accents. But is there any actual point?