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  • Watchmen
  • (500) Days of Summer
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • The Lego Movie

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  • Last Christmas

  • Cinderella


  • The Brass Bottle


  • Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe


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  • Last Christmas

    Last Christmas

    What if M. Night Shyamalan directed a Christmas RomCom?

    Paul Feig does not know how to make movies.
    Every movie I’ve seen of his I’ve been disappointed by, and this is no exception. A shame, because this could’ve been good, because I actually liked the plot twist. This film was largely unfunny, the pacing was dull, the characters were barely likeable or interesting and I just didn’t understand the point of the George Michael soundtrack.

    Overall, Christmas movies will always be whack to me.

  • Cinderella



    Not Another Cinderella Story!

    Honestly, who asked for this? This did not need to exist, we just had a Cinderella movie like 6 years ago (and who knows how many more in-between). The only good things this movie had it going for was the production design, set design, costume design, hair & makeup, choreography and Pierce Brosnan looking like a fox (plus the meta joke about him being bad at singing lol). The movie is pretty much every Cinderella story you’ve…

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  • Bus Stop

    Bus Stop

    Toxic Masculinity: The Movie!


    An entitled shit-heel who has no concept of how women work and how even consent works!

    A struggling bar singer with dreams of stardom, and who suffers at the hands of said shit-heel and should really know how to stand-up for herself and get rid of such creeps like The Shit-Heel!

    And, a cast of supporting characters that provide very little support or do anything to stop The Shit-Heel! (DID NOBODY THINK TO CALL THE…

  • Surrogates


    2017 came and went, and we still didn't get robot avatars to use to go outside with; do you have any idea how great that would be for introverts and agoraphobics?