Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★

I really like this film. It’s about the a day in the life of two Mexican teenagers and a woman on a road trip as things start to spiral out of control. I enjoyed the rawness of this film. It felt like a documentary at times but never loses its cinematic quality. It borders on boring but never crosses the line. I was engaged and the story was interesting while simple. The characters are all assholes but like-able in a weird way. They’re just teenagers which makes everything that happens and the ending that more sad. The film always feels like it’s moving, partly because they’re in a car a lot of the time. The cinematography and directing is amazing as all Alfonso Cuarón films tend to be. The script is great and the dialogue is really well written. This is a must see film if you love Cuarón’s later works.

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