Dune ★★★★

Dune might just be the film to get me to like Timothee Chalamet. Whilst he's just as good as he ususally is, that is more a testament to Dune's captivating and engaging characters than anything, just one part of the insane world-building of this series. The performances across the board are outstanding, with each character feeling just as lived-in as the planets and societies they inhabit. The sound design and cinematography are just as incredible as you'd expect from a recent Villeneuve sci-fi film.

The choice to secretly hide that this is the beginning of a trilogy is a decision that really works for me. I don't think it would be possible to do Frank Herbert's opus justice without giving it the time and space it deserves. The one area wherein this film falters is the pacing, this is a two-and-a-half hour film that feels like a three-hour film. This is mainly due to how exposition heavy the film needs to be especially in order to set up the sequels. That said the exposition itself is delievered serupticiously for the most part and there aren't any notable exposition dumps outside of the opening monologue. Villeneuve is easily one of the most technically skilled and interesting directors working today and Dune is just one of ten films that proves why.

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